Why you are better off with professional website services

When the time comes for a company to go online, there is often the question of whether to develop the website in-house or hire a professional agency to do it. Might you be struggling with the same question? The same question also applies to those companies that already have a website but would like to have it optimized for search engines.

Well, there are advantages to either approach, but based on our experience it would be better if you were to hire an agency to do it for you. Here is why:

The overriding reason why most companies want to follow the DIY approach is because of the cost. However there is a reason why the saying "cheap is expensive" exists. It is possible to lose out on so many other benefits that come with hiring an agency to do it.

For one, when it comes to web design, most agencies usually have a rich pool of talent; richer in many cases than the combination of your in-house IT and Marketing teams. With all tremendous respect to these folks, it is always good to have an external eye, who often deals with different firms to test your online presence against the market (including some of your competition).

Then again most agencies are able to monitor trends in the market and are therefore ahead of everybody else in the learning curve, including your company staff, and nowhere does this apply more than in the area of search engine marketing and optimization. You see, Google and other major search engines are constantly re-engineering their search engines. Newer algorithms that directly impact website development and poor SEO can render your DIY efforts to nothing.

There is what is called white-hat and black-hat SEO and for the uninitiated, it is quite easy to run afoul of Google's terms. There is also the issue of selecting the best keywords for your industry. This requires plenty of research and expertise as well.

Getting a professional to do your analytics for you helps tap into their rich pool of experience. Then again many agencies are able to handle a variety of budgets from shoestring to splurge, and those that may be somewhere in between. It is therefore unlikely that you will be unable to find a firm that can adjust to suit your pocket. Secondly, web projects are typically time-consuming. Getting a website to work from concept to launch is involving, and over-extended timelines can quickly rob your company of its most precious resource and that is time. There may be plenty of other projects going on, perhaps even more important to your business. Giving an online project to a competent agency, frees up your best people to focus on tasks that are more important to your organization's core business.

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