We have six different services that we offer. In our experience we have come to realize that most clients will typically be looking for a combination of one or more of the services mentioned herein below.

In our first meeting with you, or what we call the discovery phase, we endeavor to establish the correct mix of services that we can offer you from the range that we provide. So if you are looking for something more than just web design please let us know and we would be in a position to advise you accordingly.

Below are some of our services:

• Brand Services - A brand is more than just a logo. A brand is supposed to embody the sum total of all the experiences that you want your customer to associate it with. Do you want your customers to feel that they belong to your brand? Or do you want them to feel the exhilaration of achievement in life? The typical path to branding begins with developing a brand strategy. When we develop your brand strategy we aim to capture what the perceptions about the brand are vis-à-vis what you would like the brand to evoke in your customers.

After defining that we then move on to other stages for example defining the color schemes, logos and so on. In many cases there is often a logo that the company identifies with, and we could also work with that and develop it further for the intended audience. We then usually execute the strategy to completion, and enable it to become a success for your business.

• Web Design Services – This is often the entry point for the majority of our clients. They typically are looking for a basic online presence, one which they can update on their own, and one that will not cost them very much. For such clients we use what is called a content management system to enable them manage the content on their own. Our quotes often include training so as to provide the maximum autonomy for our clients in handling their projects.

This will also include the time when our clients would like to redesign their website, so as to better reach their target audience.

• Web Development Services – Are you looking to do more with your website? There are many things that you can do. For example you may want to create an intranet that can be used for internal communication. It could also be that you want to reposition your online space so as to better handle ecommerce … or just another web application that you may need … the possibilities are endless really. Our team of designers and programmers are always ready to sit with you and craft solutions that will help you achieve more. No matter how big the challenge is, our motto is always bring it on! • Content Management Services – Do you have a static website that is in need of a redesign or an update? There is a much easier way of updating your website than doing it the old fashioned way. Our content management services take the hustle out of content update, by providing an easy to use interface. There are a variety of content management systems in the market, and we can customize one of these for you. However, if you would like a custom CMS designed for you, it is something that we are also in a position to do very easily. Generally though, many of the more popular content management systems are supported and documented by large online communities, and are also supported by a much larger variety of templates, modules, plugins and components. This can fundamentally cut development time, thus making your project run quicker and cost you less.

• eCommerce Services – There is tremendous opportunity in global ecommerce. Global ecommerce sales topped $1 trillion in 2013. There is therefore a big pie that can be shared by everyone including your business. The potential of ecommerce has now even been extended through mobile. Over a third of shoppers now do their shopping on a mobile device.

Our ecommerce services can help you build a shopping cart, integrate it with payment gateways and track it on the available analytics tools.

• SEO Services – Here is a question. How did you find us? If you're like most people you might have come to our site through a search engine such as Google, Bing or Yahoo. It has become difficult to ignore the role of search engines in getting the word out about your business. SEO, or search engine optimization is a broad field. It requires plenty of expertise in multiple areas to get it right. Since 2005 we have learnt a lot as far as SEO is concerned. We know what works and what doesn't work…matter of fact what worked and what now doesn't work.

• Social Media Services – One of the latest and most defining entrants into the collective online space is the diverse suite of social media platforms. Ranging from the short and sweet Twitter, to Facebook, Pinterest and others, social media has progressively come to define online interaction like nothing before it ever did.

• Mobile Services – Over a third of all visitors to your site are likely to do so through their mobile device. The mobile internet area has called for all web development companies such as ours to re-configure our web development services to include mobile web design. Whether you choose to have a mobile-first design strategy or choose to just make your current website responsive to the mobile platform, we can develop your websiteso as to take advantage of this new and fast-growing medium.

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