Using SEO to increase your customer base

How can SEO help expand your customer base? Well here are two things you can do. Go local and go mobile.

A great way to tank any SEO campaign is to go in without a strategy, and an even greater way is to develop an SEO campaign that does not take into account the local population where your business is located, and help them find you on the go.

The number of customers doing local searches via search engines such as Google is rapidly rising, and the fact that those businesses are local make it much easier for them to follow up with a visit to the business. By some accounts as many as 88% of them go to the shop within 24 hours of getting the search results. With local searches too comes the need to ensure that your business has a great reputation in the community. So any worthy causes that will get you media opportunities might do you well in terms of increased business.

A word can be said on this about paid search. Customers consistently prefer organic over paid search. This is not to mean that there is no place for paid search however. Your business can leverage the two so as to achieve the highest number of leads and acquisitions.

The second thing to include is a concise mobile strategy. Mobile allows for many more possibilities including SMS, location-based services, and mobile apps among many others. There is also the fact of its portability. Many decisions can be made on the go. For example, if your business is a restaurant, many times your customers will be looking for local places where they can eat, and an agency can help you tap into these local searchers more effectively.

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