How to Use Social Media The Right Way?

Virality as used in the social media scape involves the ability of whatever you share on social media to be circulated from one person to another online. There are three things that you need to remember as you develop your social media space. It is interesting to note that they all have to do with content, and more importantly what that content can do for your fans and visitors. We choose to group them into 3Es that is Educate, Entertain and Engage.

By 2016, the Singaporean ecommerce market will stand at $900 billion giving it a commanding role in South-East Asia, fueled by a regional high penetration rate of 3.8%. Naturally, this should get business tongues wagging and salivating perhaps including yours. So how can you prepare yourself to have a piece of the Singaporean pie?

• Educate. This should be one of the main goals of your social media content. Remember that in the social media landscape, visitors are not necessarily interested in buying anything, so the hard-sell in this space will not fly. Instead, content in your area of business will be a good way of creating authority. If your followers, friends, fans, etc feel that they are learning something new, then they might quite quickly spread the information to their other friends as well. This helps you build a measure of authority which could translate into more leads and acquisitions for your brand later.

• EngageThe whole point of social media is to exchange, and enjoy conversations with others. Any social media platform worth its name has a way of handling comments, replies, posts and other forms of user interaction. For example Facebook with its Like button, or Twitter with its Retweet button, Pinterest with Re-pins, etc. It should be your goal to have the maximum amount of engagement possible from your audience. One of the most effective ways of engaging with your audience is by giving them some freebie. That can include tickets to a concert for liking your page or sharing your content, or access to an ebook for responding to an online survey on your page … the possibilities are endless, and you are only limited by your imagination.

• EntertainOne of the metrics that you want to have in your favor is the length of stay on your social media pages/accounts especially Facebook and Youtube. You can only achieve this by providing something that will entertain your target audience. Social media is increasingly allowing more and more multi-media. The ability to embed video on your Facebook timeline is one that should give you a great starting point for the germination of entertaining ideas. The more entertaining your content the higher the chances that it will get passed on to friends by your users. So strive to create content that will make your audience smile, laugh, or feel uplifted as they read. You can bet that they will want to share it if it makes them feel great. Regardless of what you do with social media, keep in mind that social media is not the beginning and the end of your marketing efforts. Instead social media should be used in concert with other marketing methods both online and offline including Pay Per Click advertising, Search Engine Optimization or SEO as it is commonly known.

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